Decentralized sewage treatment

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---> PDF Download: BONNEL Catalog water treatment and processing

BONNEL offers a wide range of control units, valve manifolds and accessories for decentralized sewage treatment plants.

We do not offer standard products, such as PLCs adapted for sewage treatment plants, but all our control units and devices are developed with respect to the special requirements of decentralized wastewater treatment. All products are a result of the feedback from our customers and many years of experience supplying control units and accessories all over the world.

Some of the technologies invented or optimized by BONNEL are now industrial standard at small and medium-size sewage treatment plants. Here are some examples:

  • Stepper motor technology for silent, energy-saving and reliable valves
  • Water-level measurement by pressure sensing through diffusor or airlift of an decentralized sewage treatment plant
  • Blower power measurement to monitor blower pressure
  • Wireless float switch without batteries

Why to use control units for decentralized sewage treatment?

Benefits for manufacturers

  • Prove that your wastewater treatment plant is working well: Operating hours counter, alarm hours counter, pressure / current monitoring, mains failure alarm, service alarm
  • Design more robust sewage treatment plants: No inaccurate manual valves, easier adoption to different site conditions, alarms
  • Design more attractive sewage treatment plants: Beautiful “face” for your plant, “cool” technologies like SMS monitoring and operation. 
  • Ease servicing: User guidance, clear text alarm messages, objective parameter setting, shorter servicing (no manual backwash)

Some background about our control units in general

Our control units are developed and manufactured in our production plant in the Czech Republic. Those are self-developed PLCs, that are optimized for the use in decentralized sewage treatment plants. Therefore, they are free programmable, but “prepared” for a lot of tasks you’ll have to solve frequently in wwtp. For example water level measurement by pressure sensing using the diffusor or the airlift, is already prepared. The menu structure is also programmable, but things like manual operation, operating hours counters and similar are easy to realize. Mostly BONNEL implements the programs according to customer’s requirements, but you can do it on your own or modify our suggestion with our free, graphic programming tools.
Our integrated valve units are designed to replace the common solenoid valves. They use reliable stepper motors from automobile industry instead of solenoids. The benefits are a lower price, an integrated solution, a smooth operation without noise and the saving of 10W during operation, which is about 1/7th of the total energy consumption of a 4PE/IE plant.

BONNEL - always one step ahead!