BONNEL TECHNOLOGIE integrates ideas, design and production into one sustainable strategy

As a leading manufacturer of electronics and mechatronic devices for smart homes, we look into the future of communities locally and globally.
BONNEL Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has played an integral role in our activities for our employees, partners and customers, society and environment.

BONNEL CSR strategy focuses on

  • local communities in the town of Cheb and the Karlovarsky Region
  • secondary schools and universities


BONNEL supports international cultural exchange in its long-term co-operation with the FIJO Festival of Women´s Brass bands. We support gender equal opportunities in technical professions as well as in the field of culture.

Youth Minigolf World Championship

At BONNEL, we highlight effective teamwork. BONNEL aims to teach children and youth through this sports discipline how to co-operate, no matter if your team is small or big, local or international.

Grand Prix Cheb

Bring your work into perfection, this is a motto which unites BONNEL and the International Dancing Competition. We support both professionals and beginners who want to make an active contribution in the world of technologies or in the world of dance.

Technological Initiative Pilsen

The Technological Initiative Pilsen (TIP) is a voluntary and independent association of legal persons operating within the territory of the Czech Republic and other states of the European Union, whose main subject matter of activities is cooperation in the area of research and development, mutual sharing of resources (namely HR, economic, technical and developmental), optimization of manufacturing, economic and trade conditions of its members and support of business.

With BONNEL you can grow

Our CSR strategy enables young people from secondary schools to gain insights into the hi-tech world of electronics, get the feel for modern production technologies and learn about people at BONNEL. During the trainings, summer jobs or when compiling a diploma work, they can improve their knowledge, communication and technical skills and much more......BE PART of BONNEL teams.

Learn more about our partner schools

At BONNEL we aim to promote know-how exchange with leading research institutions

Thanks to our development projects with universities and colleges, we establish a creative atmoshere which can enrich both partners and bring excellent results.

Learn more about our R & D partners

RTI - Regionální technologický institut
Západočeská univerzita v Plzni, Fakulta strojní

RICE - Regional Innovation Centre for Electrical Engineering
Západočeská univerzita v Plzni, Fakulta elektrotechnická

Technická univerzita v Liberci
Katedra strojírenské technologie, oddělení tváření kovů a plastů