Small spot welder for dentists (braces) and research & development

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  • Handy device, fits on every desk
  • Continuous power adjustment in all modes
  • Gradual electrode pressure adjustment
  • Welding and annealing possible
  • Free hands operation using the foot switch
  • Long-lasting electrodes made from CuCrZr
  • Quality product, made in Czech Republic

The spot welder WELDMAN is a compact and powerful unit, combining a newly designed electronic control system with precise mechanics. The gradual electrode pressure adjustment of the electronic control guarantees maximum precision and excellent results. The operation is facilitated through a minimum of well-situated switches and buttons within easy reach. A pneumatic foot switch for remote control is part of the delivery. Likewise included is a handset for soft-annealing of wires.

1.How does WELDMAN work?
The functional principle is based on the heat development in the contact point of two metals due to a high current. The temperature, and thus the welding result, is better the higher the current is, the smaller the contact surface is and the lower the conductivity of the metals is.

2.Which materials is it suitable for?
It is especially suited for materials with relatively low conductivity, such as iron or steel. Metals of high conductivity, namely copper, aluminium or others, can hardly be processed at all.

3. Are there various electrodes available?
YES. We offer electrodes with the 5 mm diameter. For older WELDMAN models we are able to supply the 4-milimeter electrodes. They are available in the following execution: flat or pointed, upper and lower. The electrodes are made from the material CuCrZr.

4. What should I do when….
a) the electrical contact fails repeatedly, the device keeps switching off and it does not weld?
First of all, check and clean the surface of electrodes. Use a small file supplied as an accessory.

b) after turning on, the fuses in the device are immediately burned?
We recommend to send the WELDMAN to our service team for further analysis.

c) I use the WELDMAN for frequent and repeated welding?
The WELDMAN small spot welder is designed and manufactured for single piece production or for research and laboratory use. We recommend you to inspect the surface temperature of its shoulders. At the temperatures of 60-70 degrees Celsius, you should make a break to cool the device down.

4. Who can I contact with an inquiry regarding WELDMAN?
Please contact our Sales team at the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1 WELDMAN basic unit
1 pneumatic foot switch for remote control
3 spare welding electrodes (CuCrZr)
1 file / rasp
1 handset for soft annealing
1 spare fuse
1 mains cable for 230VAC

Attribute Value
Dimensions (l x w x h); weight 230 mm x 105 mm x 205 mm; 4.3 kg
Max. pulse power Approx. 2,200 VA
Max. pulse welding current Approx. 800 A
Idle voltage Approx. 2.7 V
Power supply 230V 50Hz
Ambient temperature +15°C - +30°C
Ambient humidity Up to 95% (not condensing)
Certifications CE

User Manual

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