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BONNEL is inventing, developing and manufacturing

electronic and mechatronic devices


Evropský fond pro regionální rozvoj
Operační program Podnikání a inovace
pro konkrenceschopnost



reg. číslo CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/19_261/0019998
je spolufinancován Evropskou unií.

Projekt je zaměřen na produktovou inovaci v podobě zavedení sériové výroby IoT platformy řídící
jednotky pro malé ČOV, která je výsledkem vlastní vývojové činnosti společnosti. V projektu bude
rovněž realizována procesní inovace, které bude dosaženo pořízením výrobních technologií
a technologií pro podporu výroby inovovanáho produktu. Projekt řeší problematiku efektivního
nakládání s vodou a je v souladu s iniciativou "Průmyslu 4.0".

Loga, členství, IFAT, Firma roku






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Best of water treatment
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With technical education you have much better opportunities!

Voucher 2
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V roce 2020 získala naše firma od Karlovarského kraje dotaci na realizaci dalšího vývoje příslušenství k řídícím jednotkám pro ČOV v celkové výši 170.000 CZK.

In 2020, our company received a regional innovation grant for the further development of one of our products from the field of controls for small sewage treatment plants in the amount of 170,000 CZK.

Im Jahr 2020 erhielt unsere Firma eine regionale Innovations-Förderung für die Weiterentwicklung eines unseren Produktes aus dem Bereich Steuerungen für Kleinkläranlagen in Höhe von 170.000 CZK.

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Our motto is


For more as 28 years, BONNEL TECHNOLOGIE has been designing, developing, testing and manufacturing electronic and electro-mechanic components and devices for global customers in two main segments: 

• control units and systems for sewage treatment plants and accessories
• locking technologies for doors and windows.

BONNEL products comply with the corporate strategy of ""smart home"" and are professionally developed and manufactured in the Cheb plant, Czech Republic.

BONNEL, an ISO 9001 certified, aprox. 50 employees company, provides innovative products and professional consultancy tailor-made for its customers in the B2B and B2C sectors. Regularly, the company takes part in world leading fairs and exhibitions, such as the IFAT Fair in Munich, Germany.
International BONNEL team can offer their expertise in the programming of firmware, embedded and PC software as well as in advanced technologies used in the production (SMT, THT, production and assembly of mechatronic products…). The company prides in flexible and customized solutions for its clients.

BONNEL, a family owned and managed enterprise, has been an integral part of the local community in Cheb. In its CRM strategy, the company has become a partner of significant local, regional and national events, such as the FIJO Festival. BONNEL proudly co-operates with local high schools and technical universities in the Czech Republic and Germany with the aim to educate the future generation of electrical engineers and specialists.

Sequetrol compact LCD

Compact and reasonably priced control unit with LCD for decentralized SBR sewage treatment plants

Sequetrol® compact LCD
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Sequetrol® compact LCD
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Sequetrol® compact LCD
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Compact and reasonably priced control unit with LCD for decentralized SBR sewage treatment plants

Sequetrol® compact LCD
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Sequetrol® compact LCD
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Sequetrol® compact LCD
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  • Easily programmable control unit for small SBR treatment plants
  • Adjusting of the step times can be done on-site using three buttons on the printed circuit board
  • Keeps record of last performed step in an event of mains failure
  • 5 relay outputs (230V)
  • Digital input for float switch
  • Acoustic alarm and mains failure signalization
  • Also available as special version for price-sensitive Pump-SBR wwtp

Why use the Sequetrol compact control unit?

  • Compact control unit that stands out due to its price performance ratio
  • Backlit 2x16 character LCD allows to have step names, alarm messages and operating hours clearly displayed during operation
  • Even people without programming experience can easily create a program by editing an Excel® spreadsheet
  • Individually equipped (display, keypad, connectors) according to customer requirements
  • Integrated operating hours counter
  • Automatic release of residual pressure in the valve unit
  • Updateable firmware and software
  • Design of the front-panel according to customer preference


The extent of the system functionality and the de-sign of the front panel of the Sequetrol® compact LCD control unit can be tailored to match your individual needs.
The Sequetrol® compact LCD is also available with features, such as, acoustic signaling of predefined conditions, a sequence program permanently stored in the EEPROM, and a set of batteries (optional NiMH rechargeable batteries) to ensure continuous signaling during power outage.
The built-in backlit 2x16 character LCD allows to have step names, alarm messages, operating hours and other user specific information, clearly displayed during operation.
When the control sequence is interrupted due to mains failure, the unit will automatically resume operation with the last unfinished step instead of restarting the program.
Utilizing the three buttons on the circuit board, the sequence timing can be readjusted at the installation site, resulting in an increased flexibility in adapting the Sequetrol® compact LCD to the individual requirements of the particular plant.
Build-up of residual pressure in the valve unit is prevented by stopping the compressor before closing the valves. Timing is individually adjustable for each program step (0 - 14s).


Available digital input can be used to connect a float-switch or another sensor.
Up to 5 relay outputs for 230VAC offer a comfortable connection of solenoid valves, diaphragm compressors or other loads.


The programming process was developed especially with regard to the demands of a real decentralized SBR sewage treatment plant.
The control unit will be delivered ex-factory already preprogrammed according to customer requirements. Firmware updates and sequence program changes can be performed with the aid of an inexpensive programming device. This also makes the Sequetrol® compact LCD “future-proof” and ready for possible changes of the legal situation.
No programming experience or any special software is needed.
The sequence program can be easily created or modified using a ready-made spreadsheet table (Excel®).



Attribute Value
Dimensions (l x w x h); weight 155 mm x 133 mm x 76 mm; 0.70kg
Ambient temperature -20°C to +55°C
Protection classification IP 54
Functions, sequence program, alarms All according to customer request and requirement. Sequence programs are designed and adapted by the wastewater treatment plant manufacturer by means of an Excel®-chart
Display Backlit B/W LCD, 2 x 16 characters
Signal-inputs Digital input for float switch or other sensors
Data interface RS-232
Electrical output

According to customer request, up to 8 relays 230V / 300VA

Power supply during mains failure Standard camera battery, rechargeable batteries on request
Power supply 230VAC, 1,5 VA max.


PDF Flyer (EN)

Please use our Contact form to order your control unit.

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